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what attracts catholics 02/27/09 11:54 PM thisisaangryangryboy
   Jesus Chainsaw Massacre 02/28/09 12:07 AM chief wanker
      Louis CK 02/28/09 08:46 AM Anoetos
         that guy is really funny 02/28/09 06:03 PM thisisaangryangryboy
            Yes, I did 02/28/09 06:31 PM Anoetos
   That is one of the more patent differences 02/28/09 04:19 AM jco2003
      Not just eastern and western 02/28/09 12:43 PM Anoetos
         That's a good point 02/28/09 01:09 PM jco2003
         thats as reasonable sounding an explanation as any except 02/28/09 06:06 PM thisisaangryangryboy
   I tend to agree 02/28/09 08:58 AM Anoetos
         i have no problem with prayers to baby jesus 02/28/09 11:26 AM thisisaangryangryboy
            Me neither really 02/28/09 12:29 PM Anoetos
               aside from the fact that you didnt get the reference 02/28/09 04:59 PM thisisaangryangryboy
            ricky wonderbobby 02/28/09 01:08 PM jt apostate
               possibly the greatest moment in the history of religious devotion 02/28/09 04:57 PM thisisaangryangryboy
            Do they have to be offered by Ricky Bobby? 02/28/09 05:46 PM Kibitzer123
               Duplicate 02/28/09 05:52 PM Kibitzer123
      good point 02/28/09 11:05 AM jt apostate
      whats not true 02/28/09 12:00 PM thisisaangryangryboy
            i didnt think i was being cryptic 02/28/09 05:51 PM thisisaangryangryboy
               i have only skimmed the posts wonderboy, so i am probably not up to speed 02/28/09 06:29 PM jt apostate
                  are you suggesting that lady dormies recent reappearance here 02/28/09 08:09 PM thisisaangryangryboy
                     only its not personal, i think its a mass movement, perhaps having to do with estrogen levels 02/28/09 08:58 PM jt apostate
                        i keep thinking there is a reason 03/01/09 09:59 PM thisisaangryangryboy
                           i like the episcopal hymnal as i was explaining to my wife the other day and 03/01/09 11:30 PM jt apostate
                     relax 03/01/09 01:31 AM jt apostate
            Blood and gore. 02/28/09 07:14 PM SteveShack
                  the statues of the Blessed Virgin shooting milk all over the souls in purgatory 02/28/09 11:38 PM thisisaangryangryboy
                  reactionary hogwash 03/01/09 01:57 AM jt apostate
                        i at least admire your honesty in defending 03/01/09 12:07 PM jt apostate
                  The Miraculous Lactation of St. Bernard 03/01/09 11:43 AM Anoetos
                     i honestly thought she was joking 03/01/09 11:55 AM thisisaangryangryboy
                        where would we all be without sexual repression 03/01/09 12:09 PM jt apostate
                           good point since theology had absolutely no impact 03/01/09 03:15 PM jt apostate
                                 i see 03/01/09 06:17 PM thisisaangryangryboy
                                       that doesnt even make sense 03/01/09 09:21 PM thisisaangryangryboy
                                          wait was that a joke 03/01/09 09:51 PM thisisaangryangryboy
                                             its so weird reading posts like that and realizing that at one time 03/02/09 01:55 PM jt apostate
                                                in any case it doesnt have anything to do with the question 03/02/09 02:02 PM thisisaangryangryboy
                                                         then you must not have read my post 03/02/09 02:51 PM thisisaangryangryboy
                                                            i thought the association she was referring to was 03/02/09 11:59 PM thisisaangryangryboy
                                                Then what explains their aversion? 03/02/09 11:10 PM jco2003
                                                   the second commandment 03/02/09 11:41 PM thisisaangryangryboy
                                                      geez joe the whole of byzantium went that route for quite a bit 03/03/09 01:28 AM jt apostate
                        Someone should make it into a fountain. 03/01/09 04:40 PM SteveShack
                              now that you mention it 03/01/09 06:15 PM thisisaangryangryboy
                                    maybe its that he didnt cry 03/01/09 08:08 PM thisisaangryangryboy
                        It is a real painting 03/01/09 07:28 PM Anoetos
                              Heathen Rationalist!!! (NT) 03/02/09 07:44 AM Anoetos
                     I saw that painting at the Prado Museum in Madrid 03/02/09 08:07 AM nmcgillivray
                  That's part of it 03/01/09 05:34 PM jco2003
            Lighten up 02/28/09 09:46 PM Anoetos